Meet Our Team
  • Sales (920) 471-0907
    • Craig Komp Photo
      Craig Komp
      General Manager
    • Ryan Bowden Photo
      Ryan Bowden
      New Car Sales Manager
    • Mark Georgia Photo
      Mark Georgia
      Used Car Sales Manager
    • Randy  Hamielec   Photo
      Randy  Hamielec
      Sales Consultant
    • Andrew Heidl Photo
      Andrew Heidl
      Sales Consultant
    • Jeremy Jost Photo
      Jeremy Jost
      Sales Consultant
    • John Mackens Photo
      John Mackens
      Sales Consultant
    • Chad Malchow Photo
      Chad Malchow
      Sales Consultant
    • Ryan Miller Photo
      Ryan Miller
      Sales Consultant
    • Joe Newton Photo
      Joe Newton
      Sales Consultant
    • Craig Rost Photo
      Craig Rost
      Sales Consultant
    • Randy Roubal Photo
      Randy Roubal
      Sales Consultant
    • Doug Seeman Photo
      Doug Seeman
      Sales Consultant
    • Sue Spofford Photo
      Sue Spofford
      Sales Consultant
  • Finance (920) 471-0908
    • Brad Mertens Photo
      Brad Mertens
      Financial Services Manager
    • Lori Yurek Photo
      Lori Yurek
      Financial Services Manager
  • Service & Parts (920) 241-6542
    • Marty Figlinski Photo
      Marty Figlinski
      Fixed Ops Manager
    • Brad Ruhnke Photo
      Brad Ruhnke
      Body Shop Mgr/Consultant
    • Bret Brugger Photo
      Bret Brugger
      Parts Manager
    • Scott Carroll Photo
      Scott Carroll
      Service Advisor
    • Ann  Emmel Photo
      Ann  Emmel
      Service Advisor
    • Bob Grell Photo
      Bob Grell
      Service Advisor
    • Abby  Luchterhand Photo
      Abby  Luchterhand
      Service Advisor
    • Marnie  Skibo  Photo
      Marnie  Skibo
      Service Advisor
    • Randy Willis Photo
      Randy Willis
      Service Advisor
    • Jason Quarters Photo
      Jason Quarters
      Body Shop Estimator

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